Creating sexual tension is not a skill you are born with. It’s an art. Lots of guys get frustrated when they can’t seem to take a conversation from ‘friendly’ to ‘sexy’, because they feel like it should come naturally to them. We see men on TV and in movies make […]

How To Create Sexual Tension

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Ya know, whenever I see someone who is depressed, anxious, or lonely, I feel for them. I’ve been in those places before. Those shitty feelings were so severe that sometimes I would think, “Maybe I’m never gonna get this right…” You’ve been there before, too, huh boss? You’ve gone out to the […]

Become An Attractive Man

Imagine that you’re looking out your window, and the world suddenly turned black and white. All of the color has vanished from the trees and the grass. The clear sky that was once powder blue, is now a drab shade of grey. The trees are dark grey, the grass is […]

Colouring Conversation

I was at a nightclub back in my hometown, chatting up a brunette in a purple dress. She was total fox. And so far, I had done everything right. I took her from the dance floor to the bar, then over to meet my friends, finally we found a private […]

How To Pass Her Shit Tests

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Someone told me the guy from that video smells like fresh cut oak and sunshine.. It’s probably the truth a rumor.. haha Onward. Before we tackle those 3 Ways To Stop Fucking Up At Texting, as promised, I want to go over The Golden Rule of Getting Her Number. Hint: You […]

Texting The Girl You Like 101

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Dude, I’ve been having a fantastic day today. I started my day off by asking myself some deep questions that elicited strong, positive emotions. Then I used my fav tool for game. After that, I took a chilly walk (it’s cold, even here in northern FL) to get my blood flowing. Still […]

Awareness = Game

Dude. What’s happenin? How’s the wife? The mistress?? Good. Glad to hear they’re not only sexually compatible with you, but with each-other as well 😉 Every champion deserves abundance in his life. A fridge full of hella pomegranates and other delicious superfoods to nourish him as he charges full throttle down his path. A […]

Good Vibes

What’s up stud? I have a tasty treat for you today. It’s savory and nutritious. It tastes like a spicy tuna roll. My fav. I came across an article yesterday that caught my eye. It stood out from the media garbage I wade through in my daily quest for exceptional knowledge. This […]

Make A Kick-Ass First Impression

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  Hey beast, Isn’t today fucking awesome? Look out your window… Opportunities to dominate your path are plentiful, the world is a slice of ripe watermelon just waiting for you to sink your teeth in. Let the juices drip down your chin and laugh about it. And if that’s not […]

Tease Her Like This

  Hey chap. You look fly today. Speaking of ‘fly’, I gotta go. I have a path/mission/vagina to demolish, See ya la… What?! That wasn’t enough advice for you today? Jeez you’re soooo demanding 😉 Alright, let me just dig into my bag of value and see what I can […]

Use This To Make Her Chase You

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I, Jake Berreth, have a confession.. Guys like us? We’re the shit that don’t stank. Wait. That’s not the confession, fuck. My bad, sometimes golden love for myself and my readers escapes my heart and finds its way into these blogs. For real though, here’s my confession: I eavesdrop. All the time. […]

Never Make This Conversational Mistake W/Her Again.

99% of the advice on dating or seduction that’s out there looks like this: “The Perfect Date Wines” “Why You Should Sext Your Wife” “Colognes That Attract Women” This is the type of information you get from magazines, and it’s EVERYWHERE. Information about things that dont. fucking. matter. She doesn’t care if a […]

The Seduction Secret Nobody Will Tell You